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According to the decision of the organizing committee, ISIAME will be postponed to 2022 without organizing an on-line meeting this year. We keep a possibility to submit papers to Hyperfine Interactions with the aim to issue the conference proceedings if a sufficient number of contributions is received. The contributions can be sent by the new dates of the ISIAME conference in 2022 that will be announced.


ISIAME (International Symposium on the Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect) has been held every 4 years since the early 1980’s and it is the only Mössbauer symposium focusing on industrial applications of the Mössbauer Effect. The previous symposiums were held in Honolulu, USA (1984); Parma, Italy (1988); Seta, Japan (1992); Johannesburg, South Africa (1996); Virginia Beach, USA (2000); Madrid, Spain (2004), Budapest, Hungary (2008); Dalian, China (2012) and Cape Town, South Africa (2016).

A broad range of topics are supposed to be covered during the symposium, mainly with the focus on those that have the potential to attract researches towards the industrial applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy and stimulate contact between the industrial and academic worlds. The conference official language is English.

First announcement

First announcement flyer.

Tentative conference topics

  • T1 Catalysis
  • T2 Energy (coal, oil, nuclear, solar)
  • T3 Environment
  • T4 Magnetic Materials and Superconductive Materials
  • T5 Biology & Biomedicine
  • T6 Mineralogy
  • T7 Corrosion
  • T8 Electrochemistry, Batteries, Sensors
  • T9 Applications Using Synchrotron Radiation
  • T10 Nanotechnology
  • T11 Metals & Alloys
  • T12 Methodology & Instrumentation
  • T13 Surface Modification
  • T14 New Glass and Amorphous Materials
  • T15 Rare Earth Materials
  • T16 Metallurgy

Important dates

ISIAME will be postponed to 2022 without organizing an on-line meeting this year. we keep a possibility to submit papers to Hyperfine Interactions with the aim to issue the conference proceedings if a sufficient number of contributions is received.

International Advisory Committee of the conference

SEC – member of Scientific Executive Committee
  • Cesar Barrero (Colombia)
  • Frank J. Berry (United Kingdom)
  • Krish Bharuth-Ram (South Africa) – SEC
  • Massimo Carbucicchio (Italy) – the chair of SEC
  • Desmond C. Cook (United States) – SEC
  • Yann Garcia (Belgium)
  • Jean-Marc Greneche (France)
  • Darko Hanzel (Slovenia)
  • Erno Kuzmann (Hungary) – SEC
  • Karoly Lazar (Hungary)
  • Pierre-Emmanuel Lippens (France)

  • Libor Machala (Czech Republic) – SEC
  • J. F. Marco (Spain) – SEC
  • Miroslav Mashlan (Czech Republic)
  • Marcel Miglierini (Slovakia)
  • Tetsuaki Nishida (Japan) – SEC
  • Peter Schaaf (Germany)
  • Paulo de Souza (Australia)
  • John G. Stevens (United States) – SEC
  • Tadeusz Szumiata (Poland)
  • Frans B. Waanders (South Africa) – SEC
  • Thao Zhang (China) – SEC


Local Organising Committee

  • Libor Machala (chair)
  • Jakub Navařík
  • Karolína Machalová Šišková
  • Lukáš Richterek
  • Helena Sedláčková
  • Pavla Šretrová

Conference excursion

In the programme for Wednesday 9/9/2020 afternoon there is a half-day excursion (included in the conference fee, no extra cost required). There are two options listed below, you will be asked about your choice during the conference registration.

  • Bouzov Castle

    » Bouzov Castle

    A romantic castle built at the turn of the 13th and 14th century is located in the countryside. In 1999 it was declared a national cultural monument. The castle is fully furnished and equipped with paintings, objects of art, history and custom made furniture. Unique are the two functional drawbridges and portcullis, which visitors can see in operation on festive occasions – the start and end of the season. The magical charm of the castle permanently makes it the sought-after object for social events, concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and weddings. The castle tour takes about 2 hours, the castle is located approximately one hour by bus from Olomouc.

  • Litovel Brewery

    » Litovel Brewery

    The more than 725-year-old beer tradition in Litovel dates back to 1291 when King Wenceslas II granted the city the mile right. This privilege allowed only the Litovel burghers to brew and tap beer within a radius of one medieval mile, i.e. in the vicinity of approximately seven kilometres. Even contemporary Litovel beer is brewed using classic processes, the roots of which date back to this glorious historical era. Within the excursion, you can taste some selected examples of our typical national drink. The visit of the brewery together with the degustation takes about 2 hours, the location is slightly more than half an hour by bus from Olomouc.

Venue, transportation and accommodation


The host of the conference is the Faculty of Science of the Palacký University, 17. listopadu 1192/12, Olomouc (GPS 49°35'32''N, 17°15'48''E). The modern-style building is quite near the town centre. It can be reached from the railway station by the trams No. 1, X4, 5 or 7 to the town centre (get off at the second stop "Envelopa") or by the bus No. X2 to the town centre (get off at the first stop "Žižkovo náměstí"). It is also possible to take a 15-minutes walk. From the coach station please take the tram No. X4 to the stop "Envelopa".

View Larger Map Location of the Faculty of Natural Sciiences


Our town is about 250 km away from the airports in Prague, Vienna (A) and Kraków (PL), and about 180 km from Katowice (PL). The easiest connection is to Prague – there is a straight train connection from Prague to Olomouc with an average one express train each hour during a day.

Olomouc can be easily reached by train or by bus. The connection can be found e.g. through http://jizdnirady.idnes.cz/vlakyautobusymhdvse/spojeni/. The municipal transport around Olomouc can be checked via http://www.dpmo.cz/en.


Hotel standard

The participants can choose the accommodation according to their preferences e.g. from the official tourist list or via booking.com. The participants are supposed to arrange and book the hotel accommodation individually. The following hotels are located within the comfortable walking distance from the conference place:

There is also a list of 4* hotels in Olomouc. Certainly, if some assistance is needed, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers.

Hostel standard

For those who do not mind hostel standard at lower price, we can arrange accommodation in the Palacký University student hostel next to the faculty building, in which the conference is held. The price is about 300,- CZK (approx. 12,- €) per a person and a night for a double, 400,- CZK (approx. 16,- €) per a person and a night for a single (the prices are valid in the year 2017; please note, that the prices can change a little till the time of the conference). The accommodation will be paid after the arrival to the hostel, the booking reservation should be done during the registration. There is also an option for a breakfast in the students canteen for 100,- CZK (approx. 4,- €) per one breakfast, which can be ordered during the registration. Otherwise, the participants can use a lot of restaurants and pubs in the town centre. Please, note, that the prices can slightly change due to the inflation and other costs development. Booked accommodation in the hostel can be cancelled until 5 days before the conference. Later on we have to charge you for the stay in the hostel even if you decide not to come.

Useful info

Olomouc city

Olomouc (approx. 100 thousand inhabitants) is one of the most important cities in the Czech Republic. Due to its rich history, time-honoured university, culture and crafts traditions, but above all its central location in Moravia, Olomouc has always been an attractive location for tourists, merchants, and business people. More details are available at Olomouc-tourism server, some info also in Wikipedia.


Please note that the Czech Republic is NOT in the Eurozone, the official currency used in the Czech Republic is the Czech crown (“Koruna česká” in Czech) which has the international abbreviation CZK. The ratio is about 1€ = 26–27 CZK. Credits cards (Visa, Master) are accepted at many places, it is possible to change at the airport, railway stations or other places, or to use bankomats. Banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

It is possible to check up-to-date exchange rates for you:


Electricity AC in the Czech Republic is 230 volts. Plug and socket sizes are very similar to those in the rest of continental Europe (e.g. Austria, Germany, Poland, Slovakia).


Unfortunately, we cannot arrange the weather, and generally in September we can have both relatively hot sunny days as well as rainy periods. Please, check the up-to-date weather forecast on your favourite website. Below there are some possibilities:


Main conference email shared by the local organising committee:

E-mail: isiame2020@email.cz

Chair of the local organizing committee:

Libor Machala
Dept. of Experimental Physics, Fac. of Natural Sciences, Palacký University, Olomouc
17. listopadu 1192/12, CZ-771 46 Olomouc
E-mail: libor.machala@upol.cz
Phone: (+420) 585 634 301 mail

Contact person for organization matters:

Lukáš Richterek
Dept. of Experimental Physics, Fac. of Natural Sciences, Palacký University, Olomouc
17. listopadu 1192/12, CZ-771 46 Olomouc
E-mail: lukas.richterek@upol.cz
Phone: (+420) 585 634 104, Cell: (+420) 728 215 341 mail